The doctors cured rhesus monkeys from Ebola – Газета.Ru

medical portal Health Ukrainebrody cured rhesus monkeys from fever Belgazeta.RuПрепарат developed by the researchers consists of a small interfering RNA, which target individual genes of the Ebola virus belonging to the strain of Macon. Scientists tested the drug on rhesus-rhesus monkey infected with the fever. Three days later …the Monkey recovered from Ebola with an experimental лекарстваNEWSru.comexperience drug against Ebola showed high effectiveotherwise portal Health Ukrainienne created a fast-acting remedy against ЭболыMIGnews.comexpress-novostius related articles: 64 “

More than 26 thousand people have contracted Ebola in West Africa – the Russian Newspaper

Russian Casetable 26 thousand people have contracted Ebola in West Africaasia Gastapo to the latest data from the world health organization, April 20, in West Africa marked 115 deaths from Ebola and 211 new cases of infection, reports TASS. see also. Photo: From personal archive of Eugene Kovalev, Russia and Kazakhstan will be …the Growth of cases of Ebola in the last three weeks have been stabiliziruetsya information Agency “Minsk-news”All related articles: 7 “

Infected with Ebola virus U.S. citizen fully recovered – the Russian Newspaper

Russian Guestservice Ebola a U.S. citizen fully vyzdorovleniya Gazetasidan the incidence of the Ebola virus have dropped to the lowest level since may last year. From March 30 to April 5 in West Africa there were only 30 new cases of fever. Since the beginning of the epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have died more than 10.5 thousand …the Number of victims of the Ebola virus has exceeded 10 thousand clavecinistes: Ebola virus remains a threat to public […]

In Russia, there have been confirmed cases of the Ebola virus – Public television of Russia

Public television Rossii Russia was not confirmed cases of infection with the virus Abelomestnova TV Rossii Russia was not confirmed none of the 49 cases, when doctors suspected infection with Ebola virus. On it informs Interfax with reference to the leadership of the CPS. All patients with symptoms similar to the deadly fevers, have been examined in …the CPS has developed a system to more quickly identify Bolaria Novosteel to quickly identify Ebola has developed in Rossiivstretitsya scientists have developed […]

Russian vaccine against Ebola will soon be tested on humans – RIA Novosti

RIA Novostirussia the vaccine for Ebola will soon be tested on ludachris Novostirussia the Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that all 4 of the Russian vaccine against Ebola being tested on primates. According to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, the tests pass successfully, and Russia faster than other countries can get results.An experimental vaccine against Ebola has shown safety людяхGIGAmirВсе similar articles: 14 “

Obama again has likened Russian aggression with Ebola – Summary of Ukrainian and World News

Expert OnlineОбама again likened Russian aggression with the virus Balewadi Ukrainian and World Novalaise and Japan do not accept Russia’s policy in Ukraine, said Tuesday U.S. President Barack Obama during a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. “We, two global partners who fight together for the safety and human …Obama has compared Russia with the Islamists and the virus Balakrishnas news – krasnews.somse related articles: 491 “

CPS: optimistic predictions Ebola while not justified – RIA Novosti

RIA Nanostructuring: optimistic predictions on Ebola until opravdyvayutsya Novosite the outbreak of the Ebola virus has become the largest in the past 30 years, plus in the situation of the spread of the virus still remains a lot of unknown and the details of its epidemiological trends, said Friday the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.and others “

Russian epidemiologists will remain in Guinea for a long time :: news :: TV Center – Official website TV – TV Center – Official website of television channel

TV Center – Official site telekenesis epidemiologists will remain in Guinea for a long time :: news :: TV Center – Official site telekompaniis Center – Official site telekenesis epidemiologists were sent to Guinea in the summer of 2014 to work in the hearth of the spread of Ebola. In the beginning, the government extended the terms of their presence in Africa until the beginning of September 2015 in connection with a difficult situation with the disease. “By March …and […]

Ebola: Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer opens school – BBC Russian

pose.RuЭбола: in Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer will scolymus RussianЭбола: in Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer schools will open. April 14, 2015. Share. Schools in Sierra Leone is expected on Tuesday, will resume the first time in more than eight months. In July of last year they closed because of the Ebola outbreak. In other …the Number of victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa exceeded 10.6 thousand chelovecheski Komsomolskaia Ebola […]

Worse than Ebola: Nigeria, discovered an unknown deadly disease – Вести.Ru

News.RuСтрашнее Ebola: Nigeria, discovered an unknown deadly bolesnici.RuВспышка Ebola began in West Africa in February 2014. Most of all at the virus has affected Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The recent cases of new diseases in some regions have decreased significantly, reports RIA Novosti. According to who, in Africa …a Deadly virus in Africa, scientists fear new Brisbaneinternational a disease worse than Ebola claimed the lives of 14 people in Nigerianews Armenii an unknown virus killed people: in Nigeria, the […]

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