CPS: optimistic predictions Ebola while not justified – RIA Novosti

RIA Nanostructuring: optimistic predictions on Ebola until opravdyvayutsya Novosite the outbreak of the Ebola virus has become the largest in the past 30 years, plus in the situation of the spread of the virus still remains a lot of unknown and the details of its epidemiological trends, said Friday the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.The head of Rospotrebnadzor has presented state awards Koltsov virusological Press. News science city Calculous related articles: 6 “

U.S. regulators are withdrawn from the market by a 10-minute test for Ebola – IIA. Remedium

IIA. Remediations regulators withdrawn from the market by a 10-minute tests on the fever Abaluyia. Remediations the controller issued an instruction on withdrawal from the international market test is intended to diagnose Ebola, reports MedicalXpress. In the audit office stated that the sensitivity of the test has been questioned, therefore, …

Who recognized its ineffective response to the epidemic of the Ebola virus – the RAIN TV Channel (subscription)

Polit.Rovos recognized his ineffective response to the epidemic virus Boltalina RAIN (subscription)the world health organization has acknowledged “serious mistakes” in their work in responding to the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa and promised to implement the necessary reforms, according to a posted on the official website statement.Who recognized the errors in the epidemic fever Bolabola.roseacre on the Ebola epidemic was ineffective – Fostercare nudelives found it ineffective in its approach to combat Ebola Ablanovo Wrapabilify leader-New Kaliningrad.RuВсе […]

Worse than Ebola: Nigeria, discovered an unknown deadly disease – Вести.Ru

News.RuСтрашнее Ebola: Nigeria, discovered an unknown deadly bolesnici.RuВспышка Ebola began in West Africa in February 2014. Most of all at the virus has affected Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The recent cases of new diseases in some regions have decreased significantly, reports RIA Novosti. According to who, in Africa …a Deadly virus in Africa, scientists fear new Abolissent Nigeria an outbreak of an unknown deadly virus Is not Balanean Mar on-lineОт an unknown virus killed people: in Nigeria, the disease […]

Two vaccines against Ebola have tested Ntgi

NTV.give vaccine against Ebola has withstood powercount.lipidemia Ebola · Unknown disease kills Nigerians. Nigeria,The CPS,Ebola. НТВ.Ru: 1748 5. Unknown disease kills Nigerian residents · In Guinea because of the spreading Ebola has imposed a state of emergency. Africa,Ebola,epidemic 313 1. In Guinea …Scientists have confirmed the safety of vaccines against the virus of Balanesti.RuИспытания two vaccines against Ebola virus have shown that they are safe for ldainformation Agency of Russia Tussive experimental Ebola vaccine successfully tested in Linariifolia.opravdu.<url>-REGNUM-Free pressuse related […]

Virologist: the threat of Ebola Jihad” is real, it cannot be ignored – RIA Novosti

RIA Novostirussia: the threat of Ebola Jihad” is real, it can’t be ignoreroute news”Islamic state ready to announce to the world “Ebola-Jihad, the Western press writes with reference to sources in the intelligence agencies. It is reported that the Islamists may soon begin to circulate on the Internet videos, which will show how the militants introduce myself …IG may declare “Ebola-Jihad”socio-political newspaper “Tribune”All related articles: 3 “

The killers, who scored missionaries stones, is sentenced to Judicial and legal newspaper

Judicial-legal Gastarbeiter, who scored missionaries stones, made prigovoren-legal Gazeta September last year in this remote region of Guinea, where the epidemic was raging virus Ebola has arrived in the mission, consisting of 8 people, which included several doctors and heads of the medical Department of the province, 3 of the journalist and the priest.and others “

Who: the number of victims of the Ebola virus is almost 25 thousand – RIA Novosti

RIA Novotels: the number of victims of the Ebola virus is almost 25 tysyachi Novostroyka Ebola is an acute viral disease with high contagion rate, is characterized by severe, high mortality and the development of hemorrhagic syndrome (susceptibility to cutaneous hemorrhages and bleeding of mucous membranes). Aspect ratio …the government of Liberia has urged survivors of Ebola to stop sexagesima.RuЛиберийцев urged to abstain from sex because the virus Boltalina RAIN (subscription)In Sierra Leone imposed a state of emergency due to […]

The increase in cases of Ebola in the last three weeks has stabilized – IA “NewTimes.kz”

The increase in cases of Ebola in the last three weeks have been stabilizirovalis NewTimes.kz”According to who data, over the past week registered 30 cases of Ebola. Analysis of the epidemic process allows you to state stabilization total rate at a low level in the last three weeks,” …and others “

Ebola: Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer opens school – BBC Russian

pose.RuЭбола: in Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer will scolymus RussianЭбола: in Sierra Leone for the first time since the summer schools will open. April 14, 2015. Share. Schools in Sierra Leone is expected on Tuesday, will resume the first time in more than eight months. In July of last year they closed because of the Ebola outbreak. In other …the Number of victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa exceeded 10.6 thousand chelovecheski Komsomolskaia Ebola […]

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